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In an attempt to go green by bringing down use of fossil fuels, the Kochi Metro Rail Ltd (KMRL) said all the 78 boats to be introduced as part of the Water Metro project would be solar powered. According to metro agency though the boats would have engines that run on fossil fuel it will primarily operate on solar power.

“Only in case of an emergency will these boats depend on fossil fuel,” said a KMRL spokesperson. The metro agency said once the general consultants for Water Metro are on board they would come out with the finer details of the boat.

KMRL officials said they are pinning their hopes on an assurance provided by the state government to set up compressed natural gas (CNG) stations by the end of 2017. “Our plan is to have electric and CNG powered vehicles as feeder services for Water Metro. We will require facilities for charging electric vehicles and also CNG filling stations at the boat jetties and other prominent places in the islands connected by the boat ser vice,” the spokesperson said.

Officials with IndianOil-Adani Gas Pvt Ltd (IOAGPL) which is the agency for supplying CNG and PNG (piped natural gas) said they were willing to lay pipelines provided they get to know about the areas where it is required.”In case KMRL gave us an indication of the places where they need CNG we could look into it, and say whether it would be possible for us to take the pipelines to these areas,” said an official with IOAGPL.The official also said that they have not held any discussions with KMRL in this regard.

According to him the company could lay 3-4 km of pipeline in a month provided all permissions and sanctions are given. “We have already made great progress in laying pipelines in Kochi. But, inconvenience will be caused to public as we go ahead with road digging works,” he added.

When the matter of KMRL’s feeder services was taken up with transport minister A K Saseendran he said, “As of now motor vehicle rules do not permit operations of vehicles depending on battery, solar and liquefied natural gas (LNG). We need to amend the act to facilitate operations of these vehicles.” He also said the centre has promised to take it up by mid-November. “Talks have been held with petroleum ministry for speeding up the process of supplying CNG,” he said.

Source: Times Of India

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