V-Guard batteries that tap solar power

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V-Guard Industries has introduced branded solar power systems, the Synergy series, that lets you charge batteries using solar power.

The company has launched two models under the series: DU 850 Synergy and DU 850 Synergy-Standard.

The systems include a solar PCU, battery and solar panel with stand. The solar panel enables charging batteries for emergency use.

Designed and developed by V-Guard, the products come with a C10-rated battery for long life and superior performance.

According to Mithun Chittilappilly, MD, V-Guard Industries Ltd, the Synergy series is engineered to extract maximum solar energy and distribute in an optimal manner thus ensuring high efficiency and maximum battery life.

Power saving

This also saves power up to 40 per cent in standard conditions for lights, fans, TVs and PCs at a rate of 2.5 units per day in a year.

The price ranges from Rs 55,000 onward.

Source: The Hindu Business Line

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