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Solar inverter innovator Ronds Innotech has launched Smart eHome, an intelligent power management system to control home appliances.

It consists of a solar panel, a solar inverter, batteries, the Smart eHome connector and an intelligent power socket, says Sijo Joseph, CEO of Ronds, incubated at Technopark here.

Home automation

The system uses home automation technology and advanced energy saving techniques to control lights, fans, television, refrigerator and washing machine and optimise consumption.

The automated power source selection technology identifies the device to be switched to solar power depending on availability of sunlight and helps reduce use of grid power.

The appliance can be connected to the intelligent power socket which facilitates wireless control and can communicate to any home appliance within a distance of 300 metres.

Efficient use

The intelligent power socket enables efficient use of renewable power by assigning priorities to home appliances to be switched to other sources of power other than the grid.

It identifies each load and prioritises operation of each device based on the availability of solar power. In the absence of grid power, it analyses battery status and switches off low-priority loads.

Joseph says that Smart eHome also facilitates automated drip irrigation system for rooftop vegetable farming and for plants. It ensures that each plant gets water, when required, without manual assistance.

Intelligent indoor and outdoor LED lighting that responds to ambient conditions to correct itself is another possibility with Smart eHome.

SIM monitor

The system can be remotely monitored and controlled with the help of a SIM card. Smartphone applications have also been made available.

“It can also be used to control appliances which use more power during peak load hours (6 pm to 10 pm) and reverse after.

“The new innovations can be incorporated without altering the wiring system. The cost of setting up a Smart eHome at an average would be up to ₹1.5 lakh,” says Joseph.

Smart eHome had won the ‘Hot 100 Technology Award’ for 2014 instituted by Mumbai-based Centre for Recognition and Excellence.

Source: The Hindu Business Line

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