Power generation capacity addition exceeds target in 2012-13


The central and state sector managed their given targets of thermal generation capacity addition but private sector exceeded its target by 4007 MW. The hydro power capacity addition target was a mere 802 MW but it even missed that by 301 MW. There was no addition of nuclear power in the financial year against target of 2000 MW.The country has A total thermal capacity of 151530 MW, Hydro 39491 MW and 3780 MW of nuclear power capacity.

On the thermal generation front the performance of thermal plants was better this year and it achieved 99.10 % of its generation target. The All India plant load factor was 69.95% and central sector thermal plants achieved 79.18% PLF.Haryana and Punjab are the main states those missed its generation targets. Haryana missed its generation targets of the year 2012-13 by 37.12 % and Punjab missed its assigned target by 21.02%.The month wise best performance was given in March 2013. In the month of March, 20 thermal units and 1 hydro unit was commissioned. The coal supply at most of the thermal plants has improved vastly. There are 10 thermal plants which have less than 4 days coal stock and another 7 that have less than 7 days coal stock. In the middle of last financial year more than half of thermal plants were facing coal problems.Coal India Limited (CIL) achieved its highest ever increase of over 32 Million Tons (MT) in Coal off-take by supplying 465.19 MT during 2012-13. The biggest beneficiary of this increased coal off-take were the power utilities across the country. Notably, CIL supplied 343.79 MTs of coal to power utilities in 2012-13, and increase of 10.2% against the previous year.During 2012-13 CIL’s average loading per day increased by 18.4 Rakes. On an average 186.2 rakes were loaded per day during 2012-13 against 167.7 rakes/per day during last fiscal.


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