Northern Railway rolls out first rail coach lit by solar panels

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The Delhi division of the Northern Railway on Wednesday rolled out a non-AC coach lit by solar panels installed on its roof.

Officials said this is the first time across railways that a solar photovoltaic system for power requirements of light and fan in a broad gauge coach has been provided.

The coach, on an experimental basis, was attached to the high speed self propelled-accident relief motive unit, on which Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu travelled from Delhi Cantt. to New Delhi railway station on Wednesday.

Officials said the eco-friendly solar panels will save fossil fuel as it needs reduced external charging of battery, thus reducing carbon foot print. The panels also require less maintenance in comparison to existing equipments.

The installed solar panels, officials said, have been tested both in winter and summer season. “In December 2014, average power generated by the solar panels on the coach was 5.1 kWh in seven hours. In the month of May this year, the average power generated went up to 23 kWh in eight hours,” an official said.

In another initiative to tap solar energy, the Railway Minister commissioned a 32.5 KWp solar power plant at Delhi Cantt. railway station.

“The solar plant has come up at a cost of Rs. 47 lakh that has been borne by the Central Electronics Limited as a CSR initiative. It would generate 5,100 units of power in a month that would save Rs. 57,681 revenue of railways per month,” a senior Northern Railway official said.

Source: The Hindu

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