ISRO Has Developed A Solar Electric Car That May Just Solve India’s Fuel Crisis

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The world acknowledges the fact that the future of mobility lies in electric vehicles. But the big question is how clean they really are. The emissions usually are transferred from the vehicle tailpipe to the power plant chimney.

So trust ISRO to come up with a solution. The Indian space agency, at the forefront of cutting edge technology, came up with the answer. The agency decided to use solar panels to charge the lithium-ion batteries that in-turn power the electric motor. Given that solar energy is free and non-polluting, they may have just figured out the world’s transportation problems.

The technologies that went into the vehicle were all developed in-house. These include the battery, Super-capacitor, Solar panel, control electronics for battery charging, drive electronics between energy source & electric motor and power transmission from the motor to wheel through the gear set.

ISRO placed a high-efficiency solar panel on the roof of the car and used a super-capacitor to meet the high peak current of beyond 100 Amp. The solar panel charges the batteries that drive a modified lightweight brushless electric motor that sits in place of the petrol engine.

The donor car looks like a Maruti Omni and the boot is where the electrical equipment resides. The car has been demonstrated successfully and ISRO is already working on improving it. Cost reduction is planned through the use of indigenous Li-ion pouch cells/Fuel cell along with Super-capacitor as well as electric motor.
Car manufacturers should take lessons (and maybe even the technology) from ISRO in finding simpler solutions to India’s transportation needs.

Source: Indiatimes

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