India revises approval norms of new wind turbine models

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In a major policy shift, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) disbanded the committee, which oversaw approval of new wind turbine models for sale in India.

According to previous regulations, it was mandatory for all wind turbine models to be approved by the RLMM committee comprising representatives from government, wind power producers and domestic wind turbine manufacturers.

MNRE secretary Varsha Joshi said the move aims at encouraging more competition in the Indian market and added that the revised approval process was made easier and accessible.

Under the new norms, wind turbine models that have international certification can be registered in the RLMM list through a simple process without any additional verification.

Wind energy generators and independent power producers have strongly supported the change.

In a statement to a leading media outlet, Wind Independent Power Producers Association president Sunil Jain said: “This is a welcome step by the MNRE to remove non-tariff barriers and reduce the delays manufacturers faced in getting certification.”

This change is expected to reduce the approval time for new wind turbines and ease the entry to foreign manufacturers interested in setting up shop in India.

In August, German manufacturer Senvion acquired the Indian factory and product portfolio of OEM Kenersys. Its products had already achieved Indian approvals.

Source: Wind Power Monthly

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