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KK Wind Solutions of Denmark enters India

Danish company KK Wind Solutions, which specialises in control systems for wind turbines — electronics that go into controlling the operations of a wind turbine — has entered the Indian market. It will manufacture and … More →


Why choose wind over water?

Improvements in wind energy technology can not only benefit India’s energy profile, but also enhance relations with neighbouring countries On April 26, wind energy major, Suzlon, announced the 12-month test results of its new turbine, … More →


ISRO Has Developed A Solar Electric Car That May Just Solve India’s Fuel Crisis

The world acknowledges the fact that the future of mobility lies in electric vehicles. But the big question is how clean they really are. The emissions usually are transferred from the vehicle tailpipe to the … More →


The Role Of Solar In A Smart Meter World

Connected devices are ushering in a new age. For the electric power sector, one such device is the smart meter – a building block for realizing the benefits of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. A … More →


Andhra Pradesh tenders 100 MW solar project

The Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation releases tender details of $70 million solar project to be built in Talaricheruvu. The power utility of Indian state Andhra Pradesh has this week released details of a 100 … More →